Although dried … always fresh

Respecting tradition

since 1968

Quality and consistency

Since 1968 our company is active in the processing and trading of peanuts by covering all stages of harvesting, processing, packaging and distribution. The most important for us, all these years, is to ensure the best cooperation with locals, selected producers, by setting high standards of quality and characteristics in order to make sure that what you receive will be of the best products in the field of KELIFOTO?? pistachio.

Partnerships with large companies in the field area, who trust us over the years, have given us the advantage to be fully consistent both with the requirements of supply companies and branches, and the final consumers.

Yours sincerely
Apostolos Kolevris


Advancing the shelling process and developing new, innovative techniques, we have managed to be the only company in the space that we provide very large kernels rates while very small slice.

Always respecting tradition, the human factor is for us, the one who will give the final approval for the product’s suitability. So the final step is to take the product to the TAINIA XEIRODIALOGIS where pistachios are selected one by one.


Choosing the right producer for the supply of our products is for us the most important and primary stage almost every year. The crop selection standards have come not only from our years of experience, but through cooperating agriculturists analyzing soil components and the final product at each step.

The storage of peanuts is a suitably shaped refrigerators with absolute attention to moisture and temperature levels while the transfer is always done in specific containers.

Our products


Raw pistachio

The high quality of the fruit, the cooperation with selected producers, the continuous chemical controls and proper maintenance of the fruit at the right temperature and humidity, makes it one of the best products of the market, suitable for liquor stores, super markets etc.

With this product as a base, all processed products under the unchanged retain all the qualities and standards so years our company has established in the area.


Baked pistachio

Our experience, passion and the right proportions salting and citric acid (sour), are those that create a unique tasty product, established in the market and to industry professionals.


Raw pistachio fruit

Derived from high quality peanuts, with high quality standards such as the characteristic of deep green color.


Pistachio slices

Achieving very small percentage of chips, peanut slices are suitable for all kinds of baking or confectionary and covers every need in businesses in the food area.

Our services

  • Exfoliation - Drying

  • Sorting

  • Dehulling

  • Roasting

Daily production: 12 tons

Daily production: 5 tons
Separation percentage: 99.5%

Daily production: 2 tons
Maximum shelling percentage: 50%

Daily production: 2 tons

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